We have chosen to be Apulian. No Apulian ancestry,  not a work choice that brought us to the Itria Valley, but an immense, immediate, dazzling love for this beautiful land convinced us eight years ago to take a major decision: let’s move to Puglia, because this is heaven on earth.

I am proudly Genoese while Maurizio is from Varese, and we spent much of our life in the Varese area. Both passionate travellers, we have visited many countries, but what we have found here is a different dimension, full of humanity, generosity, hospitality and the sense of hospitality has led to Casa Lavanda, where with all our heart we hope to host not customers but future friends.

For many years I was involved in language training and organising study trips abroad; Maurizio, on the other hand, is a former entrepreneur who now joyfully devotes himself to olive and almond trees.

Life is now marked by more natural rhythms, the production of our own oil gives us great satisfaction and all the work dedicated to the care of the earth is cheered by the presence of our hairy tribe: we love animals very much and our dogs and cats are all ex strays who dispense love to us and to anyone who visits us.

I love cooking, history, music and all art in general, while Maurizio proudly declares that he would have liked to have been a farmer all his life.

We love the company of friends, always welcome, and you will see with your own eyes that there is certainly no lack of space here.

Casa Lavanda was born from this desire to share the experience of the land of Puglia which, we are sure, will give you good memories and a great desire to come back and visit us.